Sunday, March 29, 2009

India elections

It's election time in India and the season to see our politicians putting up various antics with full steam. Every day, we see news report of various political parties and leaders indulging in some or other crooked stunt. It is really a shame that even after more than 60 years, our leaders can get away with thier corruption, lies and dramas. Such is thier confidence in thier ability to fool the voters, that even in age of internet and 24x7 live media coverage, they are brazen enough to display thier crooked ways in full public view. Our netas think that they can ignore the constituency for full 5 years after they get elected and come back to beg in front of voters when election arrives( and with full intention to disappear again until next election).

Here are my top 5 thoughts\advise for elections.

1. Please go and vote. Your vote is lot more precious than you think and our future needs it like never before. Also encourage everyone around you to vote. Do not let go your vote in waste. Crying on later after the elections sitting in drawing rooms about our leaders, just discussing the state of nation in get together or parties and just blaming someone without voting is not brave. If you vote now, at least you know you tried to vote for the best.

2. All political parties are good, bad and ugly. Do not vote for the party, vote for candidate even if they are independants. I know this may result in hung parliament but then that is lot more better than electing bad and crooks. Dont let anyone hoodwink you with vote-bank politics. We should all love our religion and be passionate about it but dont let it be hijacked by politicians who use it for thier gains.

3. Analyze your options. Think wisely, what each candidates have done in past, what they might do in future. Ask yourself if the candidate whom you are going to vote really did anything worthwhile for your constituency, your country or your future? If you dont have good candidate to vote, vote for lesser of all evils. Use your judgement wisely to vote.

4. Indian democracy allows candidate to stand in elections repeatedly, for unlimited amount of time. Ask yourself if your candidate really deserves your vote even today after doing nothing for us all these years? Indians are very emotional and we tend to forget and forgive the netas when they come back during elections with folded hands after doing nothing all past elected tenure.

5. During last five years, we have got upset with way things have worked around us. We light candles to express solidarity to victims and to make a change around us. There can be no better oppurtunity than now to vote for right candidate in this election. Please help vote for better future by electing better leaders. India needs us and our future needs us to vote for best candidates. Go vote and vote for the best. We all agree that we need change and like Mahatma Gandhi said, Be a part of change you wish to see in world.

Jai Hind.


Mayur said...

Very thoughtful and correct..
I feel that the educated lot is comparatively clearer in their decisions, but unfortunately, the result is decided by the major chunk of people who are really unaware of how their one thumb print will impact the entire nation..

Karthik B.S. said...

Very responsible post.

And it's high time EC brings in "None of the Above" option. I will bet my bottom dollar that it will get the majority of votes. But our politicians are too afraid to allow it to happen.

On a sidenote, i have voted in every election since i was enfranchised. :)

MeghnaK said...

aboutt he ongoign elections....all ic an say frm the oint of view ofa kid is that its gud coz i'm getting a week oh hols :P

the earlier post had me in roars....nine things women say :)

Mumbai Guy said...

Meghna - What happened to your blog?

AJ ! Serendipity !!! said...


Cool post. Though the results are almost due, would like to share an experience here.

I was sitting in a cafe discussing career wih a friend. Some big, bad ugly guy walked in and slammed a candidate's ad pamplet on our table and continued down the row.

Just one thought occured to me: Live and let live!!!

Change, the way you speak of it implies systemic change such as

1. Changing the mindsets of generations through mothers / parents who take an active role in rearing children

2. Leveraging the employable skills of women in the workforce

3. Changing from competing with the emerged economies, to taking cognisance of other nascent economic partners

However, reverting to my earlier string of thoughts: I hope they let us be, even if they won't do much.