Thursday, June 25, 2009

MJ - The king of Pop

Shocking and Sad - The passing away of one the worlds greatest legend, Michael Jackson. I personally think he was just unbelievable, total entertainer whose mere presence on stage would rock the crowd. There were lots of controversies and stories surrounding him throughout his life but I admire him for giving world his amazing music. And not to forget the mind boggling moon-walk-dance.

Rest in Peace MJ, You will never be forgotten. Your music will always be in our heart.


Priya said...

Sigh:(( We all will miss him..

orangy said...

ur thoughts about M.J are same as of mine.he was unbeleivable.i liked ur post and will b a regular visitor.
keep writing

Mumbai Guy said...

Orangy - I couldn't get through your blog. Says profile hidden or something.

Priya - Hope you are doing good.