Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Swine Flu

Swine Flu in India (like rest of the world) as of now seem to be spreading far and wide, in lethal way - taking with it more than 100 victims in India in just under a month. With thousands infected already and in a country with billin people running around, government seem to care little.

I say little because just in city of Mumbai we have just around 6 hospitals to take care of all suspected swine cases. Beyond mumbai, the closest center to test swine flu is in Pune which is mecca in itself of people waiting for thier turn to test.

Question is why cannot government open up more centres in more cities so that common people do not have to travel far and scarce and get treatment immediately. True media is creating the hype and all but fact cannot be ignored that people are dying daily and the number is just going up each day. I know of atleast one person who died last week due to swine flu and that life could have been saved if timely treatment was around.

The condition of municipal hospital is pathethic at best. Forget the treatment, frankly, just staying in it makes you sick. This is big ugly fact. Why cannot government do something to make it right?

When the government can spend crores(billions) on other useless things like statues and arms and all, why cannot the health sector be improved? All they say is the situation is under control. Instead of patting themselves in back, shouldnt they realize every moment is important to save each life passing by?

The way things are going, doesn't look good. Surprising government officials have not set thier priorities right and instead just wasting time. Maybe we have ourselves to blame for this mess, we never bothered before and we may never will!


Anonymous said...

Yea.. I agree. The government needs to spend more on hospitals where people need a more hygienic and sanitized environment. I wonder what they do with all the green, are they held accountable as to where its being spent?

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