Sunday, June 01, 2008


It was beautiful, bright and sunny friday afternoon. Being friday, I am in good mood and all excited. Calender pops up to remind that I have to be in meeting in next 15 minutes. For a meeting wherein you are about to be demonstrated some new technology and application for next 60 minutes, you wouldn't dampen your mood. But 10 minutes into the meeting, here I am yawning and desperately trying to stay awake.

Problem was that the presenter was just too engrossed in his slides and himself that he had no idea that he was addressing the meeting. All I could hear blah-blah-umm-blah-blah. I wanted to ask him question, I wanted him to ask the question but no. He just had his rant on. This is where I realized that why some classrooms are so boring. Teachers or presenters just do not involve students or audience in the discussion. I really wish they crack relevant jokes, ask questions, take questions, or whatever it takes to involve people in room.

Okay, not all of teachers/presenters are boring but you can easily find out why. I just hope I dont land up with such yawning room.

Check out these pictures that depict( in humor and yet kind of real) the world of office. I find these related to my officeworld and that is also the reason I spend few seconds everyday to visit


Astral said...

hey :) even i got this forward today......

meetings are fun, if there are lots things to eat n interesting ppl to make fun of :D... i'm being so mean.

Keshi said...

hmm hows u MG? rem me? :)


Vaibhav said...

Interaction is the key.

Priyankari said...

True...some meetings really make you fall asleep...either its the subject or the presenter.

Vandita said...

Mann aka Bubbles' new post
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