Monday, November 17, 2008

Is this human?

Disgusting, criminal, pathetic, sickening, horrifying, shocking, .... I just cannot come to terms the word I can use to represent the above video. Apparently due to some college function pamplets not printing name of college in full(or something like that), students started a fight which after looking at the video just seem gory.

I know we all have difference but beating relentlessly a fallen human for full five minutes and that too by students of law college is beyond my imagination. How low can parental upbringing be of people who resorted to such criminal and senseless violence? Also seen in video are policemen watching all this gory violence 'helplessly'. I say helplessly coz I was said that cops would get into trouble politically if they do thier job. I guess that is the way we Indians have got used to and will live with.

Google with keyword 'chennai college fight' for news links.

God bless us, I can only pray.


starry nights said...

Unbelievable, they were acting more like animals than human beings.Just awful and sad.

Priyankari said...

Its terrible!! And i don't know if any sort of reformation of these people are possible...they who call themselves 'educated'!