Friday, November 28, 2008

Terror in Mumbai

The Terror attack on Mumbai was despicable, cruel and cowardly. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all the victims and thier families. We would also like to salute and thank our hereos ( The commandos, the Indian soldiers, Navy's MARCOS, the police, brave employees at hotels ) who fought bravely rescueing the hostages.

Let us hope that this unfortunate event wakes up our political establishment in tackling terror more firmly with a determined will.

Other notable thoughts(just my opinion) :-

-- I was so angry with this incident that part of me wanted to go and fight with terrorist myself.

-- Our real heroes ( soldiers, commandoes and firefighters ) were transported in local transport bus whereas our cricketers always get the best of luxury. Not saying cricketers should not get luxury buses, but why should we ignore our real heroes.

-- After India won T20 Cricket cup, central government and states were scrambling to shower cricketers with millions of dollars. Why is no one doing the same with our real heroes?

-- One silver lining was that local bystanders gave standing ovation to our real heroes and watching that my eyes were numb for first time. It was like I was watching patriotic movie. I hope people do not forget this love for our heroes and our country.


starry nights said...

I am just filled with sadness and don't know what to do or say.Just too sad.

Krithika said... fact cricketers don deserve red carpet treatment at least after all their flippant performances n glib attitudes