Monday, June 26, 2006

Warren Buffet

Todays News :
Warren Buffett, the second richest man in world, today announced that he will gradually give 85% of his wealth(worth over 35 Billion dollars) to Charity.

What I think :
Giving away millions from billions is okay. Giving away a billion from billions may be okay. But giving away most of the billions from billions is just unbelievable. There are no words with me to describe this very noble act of his.

What others do :
When much of elites of corporate, glamour and sports world are busy with lavish spending, this man in his late years is talking of charity. He pledged much of his funds to Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. This also shows his trust on Bill Gates and his work. Great people, Great work.

My salute to man with golden heart, Warren Buffet!!


Ajay said...

mm yup a nice .. i mena amzing gesture
but ( forgive my ignorance) did he earn all dat honestly? ( no offence intended. just a Q)

Mumbai Guy said...

Ajay, I really feel that a person would never give up anything if he has not acquired that honestly. Why would anyone cheat just to give it back? If indeed he was mendacious, even then we can praise him after this act.

samuru999 said...

I also salute this man with
the golden heart also!
Warren Buffet is a good man!