Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Hero in You.

Day after the unfortunate event in Mumbai, most of us are still finding it difficult to get over the gory images set in our eyes. Much more devastation and misery have befallen the families who have lost thier loved ones. Just unimaginable what they must be going through. As we pray God to give them strength, Lets take time to introspect ourself.

Almost all of us are busy blaming each and everything we can think of. By blaming someone or something, we think we have done our job. We think we have paid our respect to fallen ones. We go great lengths talking and writing about the incident and everything related to it. After some time, we forget everything. Newspapers are quick to scream that life has returned to normalcy. Indeed few of us return to our daily chore. But life for unfortunate ones is never the same. So what exactly should we do? Though question and more difficult is the answer. But we can try to make life easier. Atleast we can try. It involves we playing our part to full potential.

Most of us blame the politicians for lot of mess. We may be right but then how many of us have actually cared to vote? We blame Bihar for giving politicians like Laloo. Look at our own Mumbai which is supposed to be one of the advanced city in India. Does anyone know Majority of Mumbai Politicians are Mafias and have no clean record? But everyone knows that the "educated" mass would just be happy criticising from a distance. So these evil men take help of illetrates and poor people with help of money and muscle to get themselves elected. We should know that we are fortunate enough to have power to vote people we like and vote out ones we dislike. But no, we don't care. We spend election holiday giving lectures at home or by dozing off. We like to cry when they directly become a pain to us. Take all family members, educate as much as you can to people around us and vote for right people. Even if your choice of vote does not come up, you know that you have fulfilled your responsibility. If you dont have time to vote, please do not complain about how they do not rule properly.

How many times have we bothered to help anyone? If a poor man is being opressed, someone getting abused, we hardly pause to look at them. Why is it that we only complain when we are at receiveing end? Cannot we take time to rescue someone? True that we lose some of our precious time but at the end of it, we have the satisfaction of giving someone justice.

It is the system around us we have to blame. And who made this whole system? It is we. Ourself. When we give bribe to someone, know that you are as much as a part of corrupt system as the taker of bribe. When you walk away from someone asking for help, know that you are useless entity.

How many of us have bothered to volunteer in any kind of social work? Forget about trying to help regularly, most of us hardly volunteer even once. We are too busy with ourselves and too selfish. But when bad things happen to us, we like to cry out loud.
We have big bucks to spend on movies and fancy restaurents or some sports not even distantly related to us. How about donating a fraction of our earnings to the needy? No, we dont have any money for that.

Mid-day newspaper today had picture of Rani Mukherjee in front page titled 'Did Rani break up Aditya Chopra's Marraige?' along with Mumbai coming back to normal. Do we need such news as what Rani is upto in popular newspaper and that too on day like today? But it is a common headline and content in almost every newspaper everyday. That is because we are more interested in all this glamour. These are the same stars who charge millions of bucks to appear for national heritage programs. How about we all giving fraction of support to our day-to-day hereos who work to make our lives easier. Like our soldiers in armed forces sacrificing thier time with families and taking bullets for us? Do we even have time for them?

Everyone of us has a role to play. Lets not wait until tomorrow, lets not wait for someone. Let us be a good human being, let us do our duty. Just by watching movies like "Rang De Basanti" and appreciating it does not make things right. Be a Hero yourself by being a hero. Every day is your day. You are the character. Not saying you should stand up everywhere, but you should stand up wherever you can. Use every authority you can to stand up for truth, to stand up for help. The day you help someone for anything, no matter in what way, no matter in however small way, know that you are a Hero. That would be a real tribute to all the fallen ones. That would keep many from falling. A responsible you.


starry nights said...

Very well written, it is so easy for us to place a blame , but as u said we all have a part in this, we should hold ourselves responsible also. I think we should take more care in electing officers and also to be involved in what goes on.we all have to take part in making this a peaceful world.

Hiren said...

People need to take initiative all right. The deep rooted long term causes also need to be addressed for a permanant solution.

Siddharth said...

i thnk the problem is when someone says 'mumbai has shown gr8 spirit' we all feel proud that we have "spirit", end up on cloud #9 and forget the problem.. this time i hope we end up getting better security measures n ensuring idiots like mulayam singh (who just dropped court cases against SIMI leaders) dont get elected. after showin the resilient spirit we havta show the vengeful spirit

Mumbai Guy said...

Lets not just hope, lets try our best to not elect them. Educate people around you of thier sinister designs. These people are blot to nation and mankind.

Thanks Starry, Hiren and Sid for stopping by. Hope you guys are doing good.

whistlingwoods said...

'Spirit of Mumbai'--a cliche I abhor. Indifference is a better word to describe how Mumbaikars react to any calamity. As I headed home on that eventful Tuesday night, I sensed indifference in the air.

There was a sense of urgency, but it was to reach home. There was expectation, but one for a holiday the next day.

Yes, Mumbai displayed a touching spirit. Spirits of care, sensitivity, heartfelt feelings roamed the empty streets looking for a caring heart...

Mumbai Guy said...
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Ajay said...

a remarkable post i must say.

but den mayb this is God's way to make us realise the fragility of Life.
hope u r finr

Ajay said...

bad n good co-exist.
it is d equilibrium in nature.

Mumbai Guy said...

Thanks Ajay. Yeah am doing good. Hope the same wid you.

silentassasin said...

thanks for your comment on my blog
1st time any stranger has commented

i tht no one see's my blog
anyways thx

Prash said...

First time coming to your blog. And that too, in a hurry.

I am here to tell you that, I don't mind your discussion with 'thinking girl' in my post.

My comments shall follow soon.

I hardly find any time nowadays to sit infront of the computer.

Blogging takes time. Not much left nowadays.

So, don't feel bothered to discuss with anybody in my blog. Comments are made for that.

The people who got PACSed did visit my blog only once i guess. They are not bloggers. So they are not aware of whatsoever. Don't bother again about it.

shall visit your blog later and read your posts and shall tell you what i think.

cheers for now,

Mumbai Guy said...

Thanks Prash. Appreciate your coming by and your reply. Cheers.

Anand said...

Well said !!
Guess all of us are eqully responsible for the state india is in!
How many of us have fought against things that have gone wrong...and how many of us even bother to vote?
Guess to change things in India its we who need to change first!

Anonymous said...

What you write about that is happening in your country holds true for many lands around this world. It happens all too often here in the US. It must be human nature to sit back and not take action, to wait for someone else to do something...are we all afraid to get involved, to speak up???

You wrote a beautiful post and very thought provoking I might add. Thanks!!

Mumbai Guy said...

Meg, Anand : Thanks for your comments. Its true, this is a global issue.

Thanks for visiting my blog.


I agree with every thing you have to say. I have never voted simply because I have never been issued a voter id card. I am ashamed. The urban vs rural and literate vs illetrate, people who can be bought to vote and cant be. The ratio definitely says tht we have more people who can be bought to vote. So id peopl ewho are educated shun away from electing, we r further decresing any chance of having any thing good. But do we have a fine party. where is it. Every party I know is sad and sucks. A few clean guys who were independent candidates were never votes coz of the sheer tilted voting public maybe.

We write and express. Yes, we can continue to write. The Gvmt wont really ban blogs if this writing were not a threat for them in form so our writing is powerful in ways we dont know.

But thats not the end of our duties. We have to be responsible and say no to giving bribes for a shorter way, in all ways. I have stood up against injustice all the time but have been thrown aside. I remember comming to Mumbai once and having this argument with a vendor who was selling a soft drink for double the price. I didnt want to pay beyound the MRP but she screamed at me, told me she will send someone to beat me up and after 10 minutes of a fight and public view I had to leave in a huff as my boat was leaving. This is the latest incident I had before leaving from India. its nothing great, but I saw the look on the eyes of people, they just pronounced me dumb to take panga with Mumbai guys.

Sorry this has been a long assembly of words. Good speaking guy. We all ought to be heros.

Mumbai Guy said...

It's true that we have ratio advantage and that is where the heartburn lies. Inspite of we having numbers, we are losers. Because we don't vote. You are right that there is not a single party with good people. Good people are not around because they know good people do not vote. Once good people know educated people have started to vote, they will take active participation. Until then it is our duty to keep first step forward.

Regarding your Mumbai horror, sorry to hear about that. You have to agree that this could have happened to you anywhere in India. That is why I said in my post that "Stand up wherever you can". It would be really foolish on our part to confront a situation where we do not stand a chance. But we can make a point and then see if we can do anything. If there is a situation like you encountered, best to get out from it. we get into situation because everyone in crowd thinks why waste time. The offending party knows we are alone. That is why they make noise. But when you have enough company, stand up for what you think is right.

In any case, what you have done is good. Heroic. No matter small, but really heroic. Atleast when you go home, you sleep in peace. You know you stood up for something. And take some time off to get your voter ID card.