Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Mumbai Blasts

The sick, cowardic and bastardized acts of violence on Mumbai trains is indeed deplorable by one and all. Dreams in mind, tired from work all day and making a way home to waiting parents, wife/husband, children, hundreds of them just perished. Whoever did this, I hope do not get away unpunished.

Between the time finding out about friends and families well being, I also saw TV reports of people in Mumbai giving first aid to injured, rushing many to hospitals, distributing biscuits and water to stranded commuters making thier way home. Bravo, my dear fellow mumbaikars.

May God give strength to families of bereaved and May God bring peace in world.

As they say, Mumbai is the city that never sleeps, I hope this time it gives sleepless nights to all bastards concerned with tuesdays cowardic act.


whistlingwoods said...
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whistlingwoods said...

I fail to understand what do these chidren of Satan want? Why are they hell bent on annihilating people? Be it Iraq, London, Bali, Palestine, Kabul, or Mumbai.

As Shakespeare said, "All the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this little hand."

starry nights said...

Cowards indeed, hiding behind bombs. I feel sad only for the innocent lives lost or hurt, I hope they are caught and punished accordingly.

Anonymous said...

OMG, how terrible!!!! :o(
I wish you as well as the other Mumbai people the very best. God bless you ALL!!!!!! Agree, extremely cowardic & bastardized acts!!!

Mumbai Guy said...

jon, thanks much for your thoughts. Appreciate it.