Sunday, July 02, 2006

One of one liner Jokes

Q. Why are south indians dark?
A. Because they only watch SUN TV.

Reading this I couldn't stop my laughing out loud. Ok wait, allow me to clear one thing. I am not making fun of anyone here, definetly not my intention.

But the reason I found this funny is because "almost" all my tamil friends only watch SUN TV. Yes, even in US of A. No CNN, no FOX, no nothing. Just SUN TV.

When I threw this joke at my Tamil friends, some were not amused. Obviously they think someone is promoting STAR TV.


Anand said...

Quite a awful PJ...but made me laugh nevertheless!

Ajay said...


starry nights said...

That was funny.I watch cnn, fox, BBc,and every other channel when I can.BUT I ALSO WATCH SURYA.(which is the equivalent of sun tv)that was cute.

Mumbai Guy said...

Hey watching Indian channel is okay. Even I watch them. I was just referring to select few who only appreciates local Indian channels and for whom channels like CNN, FOX, HBOs,.. belongs to aliens.